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Imperial history for junior citizens – Faster Than Light Travel

It is not possible to travel at light speed, or even a significant fraction of light speed in this reality

Fortunately there are several other realities we can choose from when we want to travel vast distances.

Unfortunately there is an energy cost when we want to visit these other realities. multiple reality theory has been in existence since the petroleum age, and even had some limited experiential proof and applications in accelerated computing during that time. However it was the discovery of the ability to open a ‘gate’ between the dimensions that gave birth to our own era of FTL travel and communications. The discovery and reporting of the ability to gate into Secundus was rapidly followed by several other gate technologies discovering Teriary and Quartus. Dimensional gate technically then hit the ‘frequency wall’ , and it was almost 100 years before new discoveries made it possible to open gates five though eight (Dì wǔ, Dì liù, Sed’moy and vos’moy ) those advances created the understanding required to calculate the likely hood have hundreds if not thousands of other dimensions that must also exist, and also the requirements for opening gates into them. However the vast majority of those other dimensions have proven to functionally useless to humanity (so far, clever scientist all over the Empire still carry out fundamental gate and dimensional research, and who knows when or where the next break through may come from, one day in the future it may even be you opens the next useful gate! ). These ‘useless’ dimensions are impossible to analyse or return a signal from in any way whatsoever as they operate under different physical laws from those of our own reality. it was almost 250 years ago the last (ninth) useful gate ‘frequecny’ was discovered; Nona. and many people think we are long over due to discover a new ‘useful’ gate. There other people who think that we have spent far too many resources on gate research already, and should stop trying to open up new gates; what do you think (tutor monitored class discussion advised, within Imperial guidelines).

There is another basic truism, known as the ‘Akaluna Corollary’ which has limited research into new dimensional frequencies. each ‘useful gate’ so far discovered has always required twice the amount of energy of the previous one to open up an equivalent volume that we can interact with.

A gate of a size big enough for you to squeeze through (about 1 m square) can be opened up to Secundus for about two kilo joules a second.

if you want to make that gate bigger, you need to double the amount of power every time you double the size

if you wanted to make a gate to Tertiary, you would need to use around four Kilojoules a second, and again double the size you double the amount of energy again

this patter holds true for each gate (except Sed’moy)

so a person sized hole into Nona would require about almost 100 times more energy to keep open than the same sized gate into Secundus.

so why do we bother? because Nona is FAST! the maximum speed of travel in each dimensions is also about double that of the level ‘under’ it. its all very complicated, and each dimensions you dont actually go faster the light at all, you are still traveling at the same speed in that dimensions, but the amount of distance you can travel ‘there’ instead of ‘here’ is not the same.

1 – Prime , our reality, where an object mass increases as it increases in speed, and the relativistic effects of very fast travel are noticeable the faster you go.

2 – Secundus – – Light speed – lucky

3 – Tertiary – 2 Lights – sacred

4 – Quartus – 4 lights heavy

5 – Dì wǔ – 8 lights – ghostly

6 – Dì liù – 16 lights infinite void

7 – Sed’moy – 32 lights – efficiency

8 – vos’moy – 64 lights – heavy time -

9 – Nona – 128 lights – Communications

Tutor led exercise: Assist your students in producing an Akaluna Corollary Chart of speeds and energy costs.

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