64 lights – heavy time -

This gate or dimension is the most costly of the regualalry used dimensions.

it has a particular issue in the rules of gravitational forces. gravuty can exost here, but doesn’t persist. Gravitons are actually unstable particles in this dimension with a half a life.

This has two significant effects

The matter in this universe is diffuse and dark, a thin cloud of mostly hydrogen and sub atomic particles that have not coalesced into more dense bodies.

for a Gate technology this means that matter introduced form our dimension does not disperse form the pot where it was introduced. the graviton half life is very long ( on the order of a thousand year) and so whilst the ejection velocity of the object may displace it away from the gate temporarily, and matter in this dimension will fall into the gravity well of any open gate, and also be attracted to any permanent structure in the Vos’moy space.

For a ship created gate in a remote sector, this is not likely to ever be a significant issue, baring incredibly bad luck

For permanent gate structures, or regulatory enforced gate coordinates, the gradual build up of ejected matter, debris and waste can be catastrophic to shipping, and even to gate operation itself.

for this reason the use waste producing drives (including ion propulsion units) are prohibited in vos’moy, and ships are legally obliged to ‘coast’ in vos’moy space. this necessitates high velocity entry through the gate space, which in turn increases the size of the gate opened for vehicular traffic to maintain the required safety factor

EM communications are ideally suited to this region in no small part due the extreme expense of operation in this region as it is a high order dimension.


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